YourTV App lets you:

  • 1.Schedule PVR recordings from your Mobile Device. Select to record one program or a series.
  • 2.View Program Guide list for the Two Weeks from your Smartphone & search programs by name from your Mobile Device.
  • 3.Use your Mobile Device to control your TV set-top box and access all set-top boxes* in your home.
  • 4.Review what is scheduled to record by channel, by program/show title, by date, by set-top box
  • 5.Set Parental Control per set-top box
  • 6.Watch subscribed TV channels on your mobile device YourTV app.

To enable access to the YourTV app to your Citizens account, please contact our office. We will need to set up some basic login information. Once complete, you will set up your mobile device ONE TIME by entering the following information:

  • Username
  • Password

After the initial setup, you can access YourTV app and manage your Citizens TV service on your mobile device wherever you are.

*Requires Amino & Entone Set-top boxes.


Gain access to the
following channels:

116 CSPAN2
117 CSPAN3
232 QVC
273 3ABN
277 TBN
280 GOD TV
283 Hillsong
285 Juce
290 Enlace
306 Smile of a Child Network
607 FFE
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