Citizens Medical Alert is different than most medical monitoring devices.

  • Citizens Medical Alert is a 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Service.
  • You can set up Citizens Medical Alert to call authorities, emergency services, or a family member, friend, or neighbor.
  • Citizens Medical Alert has a TWO WAY pendant that enables YOU TO SPEAK into the pendant for help.
  • The pendant can communicate with the monitoring base that requires connection to your home phone if you are within a 600 foot radius; including areas outside of your home.
  • The monitoring system includes a battery back up in case of a power outage and our Medical Alert customers are automatically designated for Priority Restoration should there be a service outage.

Lease Option (No Term)

Choose a plan that’s right for you. (No equipment purchase necessary)

Billing Term

Monthly Rate

Activation Fee

Monthly Billing $35.95 $50.00
3 Month Billing $33.95 $50.00
6 Month Billing $31.95 $50.00
Annual Billing $29.95 $50.00

Purchase Option

Choose a plan that’s right for you. (Equipment purchase required)

Billing Term

Monthly Rate

Monthly Billing $27.00
3 Month Billing $25.00
6 Month Billing $22.00
Annual Billing $20.00

Equipment Costs

Life Sentry Kit Cost $249.99
Additional Pendant Cost $92.99
Emergency Communicator Cost $92.99

1) Activation fee includes installation. Customer can do self install but activation fee still applies
2)Activation fee includes service order
3) Customer must have land line phone service. Digital phone is not a lifeline service; therefore, operation may be interrupted due to power outage or other natural disasters.
4)Customer is responsible for returning equipment to Citizens when service is disconnected. Customer will be billed the current retail cost of the equipment if not returned
5) Leasing options for existing Citizens customers only
6) Installation of purchased equipment at current time and material costs
Citizens Medical Alert Service Agreement
Citizens Medical Alert Form

Life Sentry Equipment


Full House Coverage


LifeSentry will allow your customer to communicate their emergency message instantly from within many hundreds of feet from their base station. The system should cover an average American home and well into the front, back and side yards.